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Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

1、Suitable for Gifts: Suitable for beer lovers, fathers, husbands, friends, Christmas gifts, and housewarming gifts.
2、Quick Bottle Opening: The operation is simple, just put your hand on the top of the bottle opener, and then push down to open the bottle immediately, easily pop out the bottle cap, and you can enjoy the drink.
3、Premium Bottle Opener: A simple and fun way to open beer bottles. Push down, pop up!
4、Reliable and Smooth: Smooth ABS shell, sturdy and durable, high-quality stainless steel mechanism, to ensure that you can eject the bottle after filling.
5、Small and Portable: It is small enough to be put in a bag and taken to parties, camping, boating tours, and other places, making it easier.
Name: Beer Bottle Opener
Model: KH1-002002
Size: about 4.8*4.8*8.3cm/1.89*1.89*3.27in
Gross weight: about 76g
Shell material: ABS